Crown and Bridge

Shade matching

We use the most advanced porcelain shading system in the world and consistently match to achieve the best patient outcome.

Book your patient in for a shade analysis with one of our highly trained technicians.


At Apple we have a wide range of material options when fabricating your implant case, we can control the emergence profile and screw angulations. Working with all Platofroms to provide an abutment and crown that perfectly complements your patient’s soft tissue architecture. 


Apple Dental Zirconia restorations are a popular treatment option for clinical situations that require an exceptional balance of strength, aesthetics, and value. Zirconia restorations also offer aesthetic advantages over full metal restorations due to its tooth-like color. Zirconia can be used for anterior and posterior crowns and long-span bridges. We require a tooth stump shade for material selection choice.

IPS e.max®

IPS e.max® is a metal-free highly aesthetically pleasing restoration.

IPS e.max® offers, versatility, and clinically-proven strength.

 IPS e.max® can be used for anterior and posterior crowns, onlays, inlays, veneers, and small 3  unit Bridges. We require a tooth stump shade for material selection choice.


PFM is a great option for a dentist seeking a restoration that combines longevity and natural-looking internal characteristics.
The underlying coping provides the strength and stability of a natural tooth, while the ceramic coating replicates a natural look,  providing an aesthetically pleasing result for patients.

PFM’s can be used for anterior and posterior crowns and long-span bridges. 

Precious, Semi-Precious, and Non-Precious metals are available.

Our PFM’s are layered using IPS d.SIGN by Ivoclar.

Advantages of IPS d.SIGN 

True to nature light scattering.

Balance of chroma and brightness similar to natural counterparts.

High surface quality.

Natural wear characteristics on opposing dentition.

Full Gold Crown

Your Choice of Materials

At Apple Dental we can offer 3 alloys ranging from high gold to low gold content. This enables your restorations to fit any requirements your patient may have.

XL-X 63% Gold

Implant 60 semi-precious



MATISSE was conceived and developed out of the imperative need to solve the biggest challenge in aesthetic dentistry: shade matching. The result of years of studying the most effective way to copy the natural tooth in the lab with real-life patients. 

MATISSE was created to provide a solution for those challenging Aesthetic Cases.