Digital Integration

Apple Dental Laboratory is the leader in Digital dentistry.

Digitally we have the ability to

create smile design

place implants 

digital wax-ups 

surgical guides

partial dentures

occlusal splints .

We Accept all Intra Oral Scanner formats ( STL Files ) to make your Digital Workflow an Easy Impression free Solution.


3 shape Trios



3D Surgical Guide


Apple uses specialized software combined with the CBCT of the patient. Accepting scans from Envision , SKG and Perth Radiology. This design together with the CBCT of the patient is compiled to find the ideal position of the dental implants. The final design must always be approved by the Surgeon. Guided surgery is safe and precise. A surgical guide is recommended in difficult or complex cases, to minimize risks and complications. 


Digital Smile Design involves taking photos of the patient and using specialized software to design a smile 🙂  This enables patients to see the results before a procedure is performed.

Digital Smile Design helps dentists plan restorative treatments more effectively while helping patients visualize their new smiles with a high level of accuracy.

The DSD system also considers the relationship between the mouth and other parts of the face involved in smiling, such as the cheeks, eyes, and lips. It also visualizes a wide range of facial expressions, to show you how your smile will look when talking, laughing.




Portrait Photo Front on and 45 degrees

Full face retraction

Full face smile

Profile resting

Profile smiling

Impressions or digital scans